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12 reasons to store your child's stem cells

 for each month in this Smart Stem Plus Year Anniversary


1. Umbilical cord blood is a powerful and non-controversial source of stem cells.

2. Umbilical cord blood collection is done after delivery and poses no risk to the mother or baby.

3. Nowadays, they are used to treat more than 80 diseases including many types of cancers, immune deficiencies, and genetic disorders.

4. More than 35,000 transplants have been performed to date, umbilical cord blood stem cells are easier to collect and access them than bone marrow cells.

5. They are critical for new areas of regenerative medicine, they could potentially treat Spinal Cord Injuries, Cerebral Palsy, Autism, and Type 1 Diabetes.

6. There is less risk of a relapse for certain diseases if umbilical cord blood is used.

7. There is a significant decrease in the risk of rejection by the patient in the case of a transplant.

8. It has been shown that umbilical cord blood stem cells can be stored for over 20 years without losing their capacity for proliferation (ref. Broxmeyer).

9. Scientific research advances rapidly and with it the chances of using the stem cells (1 in 217 throughout life).

10. Researchers are currently working on very important research protocols in cases of Parkinson's, Quadriplegia and Multiple Sclerosis, this is just the beginning.

11. There are a number of conditions in which the only way to hope for healing is through the stem cells since they allow the regeneration of bones, cartilage, and even cardiac or neurological tissues.

12. Such a decision can make a difference for your baby and your family in the future. The mere fact of having the cells stored increases the options in treatments and the possibility of participating in clinical studies.


On our anniversary, Smart Stem Plus joins the voice of the World Cord Blood Day 2018 asking families "Do not discard the umbilical cord blood of your baby."


Today we celebrate the life that umbilical cord blood offers to your family and the entire world.


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About us:

Smart Stem Plus helps protect our children from any future illnesses that may be treated with the stem cells present in umbilical cord blood. It is an international insurance policy whose protection begins where conventional health insurance ends.

Smart Stem Plus also guarantees other members of the immediate family, including parents and siblings, the possibility of using this medical resource at any time, anywhere in the world, with all expenses covered.


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