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How likely is a torn knee cartilage operation in adolescents? ...

Or hearing loss? Or conditions as serious as brain injury? the first cause of infant death in the United States. Medicine advances at the speed of light and with it the number of diseases that can be treated with the simple act of storing cord blood stem cells. These are the statistics that the Parent's Guide to Cord Blood Foundation presents us.


In addition, the numbers increase if we add close relatives. 70% of the transplants that are carried out with the stored stem cells have not necessarily benefited the donor, but the direct members of his family (parents and siblings). This number questions the opinion of some people, including doctors, who argue that there is little chance the cells will ever be used in a treatment.



Although it is impossible to know if our baby or immediate family members may have to use the stem cells in the future, it is important to review the family health history, as it can give us a good indication of the genetic predisposition and chances of use. In any case, it is always better to have them and being able to use them at any time, than not having them and needing them.


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Smart Stem Plus helps protect our children from any future illnesses that may be treated with the stem cells present in umbilical cord blood. It is an international insurance policy whose protection begins where conventional health insurance ends.


Smart Stem Plus also guarantees other members of the immediate family, including parents and siblings, the possibility of using this medical resource at any time, anywhere in the world, with all expenses covered.