Smart & Smart Launches Unique Insurance Product in Latin America | Smart Stem Plus

Miami, October 17, 2017. Smart Stem Plus ( is a unique product in its class that endeavors to fill a major gap in the health insurance market. Smart Stem Plus main objective is to cover the needs of thousands of families that currently have their baby's cord blood stem cells cryopreserved, or are considering the service with the intention to have them available for future use should the need arises. Smart Stem Plus helps to cover the expenses as a result of a transplant with those stored Stem Cells. Smart Stem Plus coverage starts where conventional health insurance ends, supporting our clients when they need it the most.

These types of cellular therapies can be expensive and in most cases, parents do not realize that it's not enough to have the stem cells stored if they don't have the financial means to use them. Smart Stem plus complements the decision to save the stem cells and makes it possible to access the best specialists and medical centers around the world.


Who is eligible?


There are two types of eligibility:

  1. Individual: The policy covers the child or children in the case of multiple births, that have stored their cord blood stem cells for their own use or that of their biological family according to direct relation in first and second degree of consanguinity (mother, father, and siblings).
  2. Family: The policy not only covers the child, but can be extended to biological parents and siblings.

What is the SSP Coverage?


Smart Stem Plus offers different plans to cover the needs of each family group, which can be paid annually or monthly in low installments, depending on the client's possibilities, helping to make them significaly more accessible for all those families that have stored their stem cells or are about to do so, but have no idea how they could afford a transplant.

What are the benefits offered by Smart Stem Plus?


Completes your decision of saving your baby's cord blood stem cells

With the likelihood that your baby's stem cells could benefit other family members, our plans can be extended to all direct members related to the donor in the first and second degree of consanguinity.

Protects your entire family

Have the freedom to choose the clinic or hospital that best suits you, whether inside or outside of your country. Today the vast majority of advances in medicine come from different parts of the world.

Global coverage

In the unfortunate situation where both biological parents (parents/legal guardians) die before the child reaches 18 years, Smart Stem Plus will cover the policy renewal fees for the following 2 years.

Support in the most difficult times

Smart Stem Plus plans covers medical services up to $250,000, eliminating the concern that can arise by not having the means to afford the costs of a transplant, even if the stem cells are available.

Can I trust in Smart Stem Plus to protect my family?


Smart Stem Plus is supported by Southern Pacific Insurance Corporation, a solid American insurance group, licensed and registered with NAIC (National Association of Insurance Commissioners), a US regulatory organization created and managed by key regulators of insurance in the 50 states.

In addition, Smart Stem Plus is a product of Smart & Smart, an insurance platform backed by a team of professionals with more than 100 years of combined experience in the area of risks and insurance. We focus on the use of new technologies, aimed at the prompt, clear and accurate analysis of extensive information, allowing our clients and consultants to give and receive a completely different experience when buying insurance. Our mission was to create a product that could be easily acquired and managed online, allowing the whole experience of obtaining the service to be something less to worry about.

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