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All of our plans offer the following benefits

Renewal Guaranteed while the Cord Blood Stem Cells are stored and cryopreserved.
Trasplant / Stem Cell Therapy 100%
Main Diagnostic exams and Medications by Medical Prescription 100%
Intensive care units 100%
Other services and Hospital Supplies 100%
Surgeon 100%
Transportation, travel expenses, daily meals and accommodation for the insured and a companion. 100%
Autologous therapy for the disorder of the Autistic spectrum and Cerebral Palsy. 100%

All of our plans cover

Medical, Surgical and Hospitalization Expenses

As a result of a stem cell transplant.

World Support

Access to specialists and medical centers anywhere in the world.

Transportation Costs and Daily Meals

Both for the insured and for a companion.

Clinical Studies to treat the Autistic Spectrum and Cerebral Palsy

Never before covered by health insurance.

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With Smart Stem Plus your family has the possibility to cover the costs of using the cells of your baby that you have stored. Know all the benefits of your Smart Stem Plus policy:

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